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(last updated: 02.12.2021 01:44)

This stackplot shows the y-components of a magnetometer line spanning over 1790 km from Southern Germany to Central Sweden. The great circle distance between the northernmost and southernmost station is 1610 km. The y-component describes the change of the East-West component of the magnetic flux density:

  • evening hours: the higher By, the higher the probability for polar lights
  • morning hours: the smaller By, the higher the probability for polar lights

The stack plot allows to follow magnetic disturbances at different latitudes in Northern and Central Europa. The data have been obtained with magnetometers designed by the SAM Magnetometer project. So far, SAM Haimhausen (close to Munich, Germany), SAM Hammoor (data courtesy Klaus Hartwig, close to Hamburg, Germany), SAM Mömbris (data courtesy Markus Pfarr, close to Aschaffenburg, Germany), SAM Viby (close to Stockholm, Sweden), SAM Sundsvall (data courtesy Christer Byström, close to Sundsvall, Sweden), and SAM Moheda (data courtesy Kjell Jarl, Moheda, Sweden), participate. The plot is upgraded multiple times per day. In the current prototype stage of this service, irregularities can be expected.

Running SAM_linux & SAManpy software by Robert Wagner, powered by python on Raspberry Pi

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